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PROJECT (Biodiesel)

PROJECT (Biodiesel) 

- to convert JELANTAH (waste cooking oil) into Crude-Biodiesel.
- reduce and keep the earth clean from waste.
- educate people to recycle waste
- create a prototype machine for producing Crude-biodiesel from JELANTAH

Back Ground:
- Numerous frying oil production especially in Indonesia (5 million tons for domestic demand)
- Bad impact of frying oil to the human body after used several times
- Big number of JELANTAH

The data is taken from: 25 --> data CPO

- Inserting Intelligent System for determining 3 parameters for producing Crude Biodiesel.
- Build new system using ultrasonic vibration technique.
- The result is fine for physical parameter, however, we need to improve for chemical parameter. So we need to consult to chemical engineer.


System Design

First Prototype                                                                                                 
Second Prototype

Third Prototype