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PROJECT (Aqua Culture Engineering)

PROJECT (Aqua Culture Engineering)


This project was initiated when I met my friend (Mr. Andi Kurniawan) at The Asia Pacific Aquaculture Seminar at Surabaya 2016. On that day we talked on "Fishery" in Indonesia. We sad, because as we knew that this country has a big potential to be the highest contributor for food, especially on Fishery. However, fish production in Indonesia is still low. Even, the rank is under some of ASEAN countries.

From that point, he ask me to joint into Aqua Culture field, by contributing my expertise, my knowledge. Indonesian fishery needs Technology. Indonesian fishery needs more and more experts, not only aquaculturist, but it is also needs electrical engineer, IT programmer, biologist and others.

Because, I LOVE Indonesia, and this is my chance to give contribution to  my country, I said to him (Mr. Andi Kurniawan) "Let's start the GAME"

On 2017, I started ...

The Projects are :
1. Aquaculture water monitoring system
2. Feeding management system
3. Decision support system for water quality on aquaculture system

Aquaculture Water Monitoring System



Feeding Management Machine



Decision Support System